Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Bride For Rent (movie)

Isn't it amazing?!?! Isn't it surprising!?!?

Gosh!!! For your information, I'm a big fanatic of KimXi!! I am not the type who goes gaga for romantic movies and love thingy but they really make me feel alive with KILIG!

It's story is about a guy named Roco who set up an audition to act as his fake wife, so he could get his trust funds. Raquelita Dela Cruz, a.k.a. Rocky is the one who was hired of the job and their fake-real love story begins!

The movie is really light and cute. It's intended to make people laugh hard and make people believe that love is real and it could last forever. 

Kim is a natural and Xian is oh-so-hot and charming. I really love their tandem because I could feel something awkward and the attraction. I sooooo love them!!! If Kim and Xian would break up, I'll never believe in love anymore. Chos!

Watch Roco and Rocky in Bride For Rent  NOW SHOWING IN CINEMAS WORLDWIDE!!!

Rate: 5 stars

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