Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Timekeeper (Book)

I'm completely blown away.

At first, the story may seem slow, but when things are slowly being revealed at the end, I got super ultimate goosebumps!

Mitch Albom never failed me. It's implausible how uniquely he views life. I learned so much about this book - things that I haven't realized or seem to forgot, and I am so thankful to have understand and be reminded of them now.

The story is about Father Time, who lived an eternity - almost - and his life journey. Almost, until he finished his mission on two random people - Sara and Victor - who'd been facing 2 different problems.

This book made me realize a lot of things:

  • We get to ponder of the things we had been taking for granted
  • We didn't notice the things that really mattered because we're so preoccupied with other unnecessary thoughts. We can't see the people who really love us, because we're too busy begging for love and acceptance from the wrong people.
  • Some people, despite their unfortunate circumstances, they were going on with life, getting through it as best as they could. We didn't see how lucky we are.
  • Make the most of our time
  • Be thankful of the time that was given to us. Everything happens for a reason. And sometimes the end with our journey with life has a reason. Maybe it's for the best.
  • With endless time, nothing is special. With no loss or sacrifice, we can't appreciate what we have. There is a reason God limits our days. That is to make each one of it precious.
  • The simple joy of living between sunrises was gone.
These are just some of the lessons I learned in that little book but it actually changed my perspective in life right now, BIG TIME. I am so grateful to you Mr. Albom! I will definitely include you in my prayers, you to live a happy and healthy life so you could inspire more people. I JUST LOVE YOU. :)

READ IT!!!! 

Rate: 5 stars

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