Thursday, January 16, 2014

Divergent (book)

I just finished the best-selling book Divergent, and man was it spine-tingling!

It was one of the best books I've ever read. It was so creative and relatable and I admire Veronica's mind for her vast imagination. Whenever I read it, I am in complete oblivion of the world around me.

It is a story about a utopian community that has 5 factions. When a person reach the age of 16, he/she has to choose a faction in which they would be a part of for the rest of their lives, otherwise, they'll become factionless (they're like the homeless in real life, but worse, because they're really not part of the society). It's kind of ridiculous because their motto is "Faction before blood.", meaning once they chose a different faction from their family, most likely they weren't accepted by them anymore. It's ridiculous, yet fascinating. You'll think, "what does it feel  like to choose a different family where you actually belong, and not your own blood?" 

There are 5 factions one could be a part of:

1. Dauntless - The Brave
         This faction are not just brave. They're crazy brave. Brutal I think. They're so wild and it's like they live their everyday lives with adrenaline. It's a life filled with excitement. If I were to choose a faction, i'd pick dauntless though. :) They're role in society are the army, and the likes.

2. Erudite - The Intelligent
      These people are, well, smart, informative and sometimes evil. They're worst enemies with Abnegation. Their role in society are scientists, teachers and the likes.

3. Abnegation - The Selfless
       These people doesn't like vanity and self satisfaction. They always put other people first and they live a beautiful peaceful life. They're roles are government leaders and the likes.

4. Candor - The Honest
      Candor's are cute because they literally never tell a lie and they tell it to your face whatever it is they're thinking and they could tell whether you are lying or not. They don't keep secrets.

5. Amity - The Peaceful
     Amity are the peaceful faction. 

Yes there are 5, but there is another faction that also exists, yet, it seemed like it wasn't suppose to exist, it is dangerous for you if you are a part of it and if the leaders of the factions found out about it. These people are the Divergent. It wasn't revealed yet in the book why they are not to be named, and my guess is it will be told in the second book so, let's read that!

Tris is the name of the main character and she chose Dauntless, instead of Abnegation-the faction she was born with. But she is actually a Divergent. And the adventure begun! Just read it you know! I won't spoil it for you!

Rate: 5 stars

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